September 3, 2009

Big Changes Coming Up

We're about 25 days away from the birth of our baby boy, Joshua Daniel. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. I'm a huge mix of emotions, but overall I'm just ready to have him here. We're still not prepared for his arrival, as far as having everything set up, but it won't take much to get there. He has a crib and dresser (thanks to his Didi and Pop:)), so that helps us feel like we're closer to being ready. :) We've set the date for the C-section on September 28th. I have another appointment next Tuesday and we'll get a definite on the date and some more information.

We bought a new family vehicle this past Monday. It was mine and Logan's first big purchase together, with both of our name's on it (aside from signing the lease for our duplex). We didn't have the parents involved (except for asking advice, of course) and we didn't have any parental was just us! We traded in my Mazda Tribute for an '04 Chevrolet Tahoe. Cheaper payments and a bigger car was our goal, and we got it! We really love it and feel like it's perfect for our growing family. I also LOVE the fact that it has a dvd player, so if we take family road trips we can occupy the kids with their favorite movies. Yay!

Carley is a ball of fire! She is Miss Attention! Everywhere we go she get's tons of comments and oooh's and aaah's from people. She had a crowd of junior high girls around her at church last night as she showed off her animal sound talents. She crowed like a rooster, moo'd like a cow, meowed like a kitty, and a bunch more. They were very impressed. :) It's also quite a scene to take her to the grocery store. The second we walk in, she says hi to EVERYONE we pass. Every single person. Some people respond, and some don't. Sometimes I tell her to just talk to me, instead!!! It's takes more time to shop when you have to engage with so many people! She also has a very different response when I ask her if she's ready to be a big sister....she crowes like a rooster. I guess sister and rooster sound a lot alike, so she thinks they're one in the same. She really is a lot of fun right now, and I can't wait to see her reaction when we bring her little brother home. I have pictures in my head of her giving him lots of kisses and petting his head. I also have other pictures in my head that I won't go into now, because they're more negative and fixate on what will happen when she's not getting enough attention and he's crying and she's throwing a fit. Try to focus on the positive! haha.

Logan's job is going pretty well. They've had ups and downs, of course, but he's doing a great job and he's really confident in the position he's in. I think he was made to do this, and he's got so much of his dad in him that he can be just as good at it. I feel very proud when I visit the office and see him engaging with the employees, he's very professional, but good-natured and I can tell that he's respected. He's a wonderful provider for our family.

The next month is going to be pretty packed. My parents are coming to visit next weekend, and then the church is throwing me a shower on the 20th, so everyone's coming for that, then the baby comes on the 28th and family/friends will be here for a week or two following. Lots of excitement! Please continue to pray for our little boy to arrive safely. Hope you all have a blessed day!

Carley's sweet Daddy playing in the sand with her.

Reading a book together

A day at the Texas Ranger Museum

Enjoying her BBQ a little too much!!

Carley loves bubble baths!

Exploring at the San Antonio Children's Museum


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