July 23, 2009

Walking Baby

We have a walking baby! Carley started walking about two weeks ago and each day she gets better and better. It's a lot of fun to see her try new things and build up more bravery. I'm just glad she decided to do it before her baby brother comes along! Carley also has recently discovered the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's on every morning at 7:30, and she is glued to the tv during that 30 minutes. She has her very own "Minnie" that she sleeps with at night, too. She can say "Minnie" very clearly, it's so cute. I also bought the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse c.d. for car rides and now everytime we get in the car she says "hot dog", which means she wants to listen to the hot dog song. She LOVES that song. She has also learned to say thank you, which is really great. She says it all the time. It gives me some hope that I'm raising a polite child, but we'll see. :)

A typical morning with Carley enjoying Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in her tinkerbell chair. :)

We are officially moved in! We absolutely love our new place. No complaints, whatsoever. We feel very blessed to be here and we really like the area. We still have some boxes to unpack (the garage is still in need of some major organization) and there's still more decorating to be done, but we're getting there. The decorating will just have to take some time, I can't do it all at once.

Our bathroom.

The kitchen.

The living room.

Carley/guest bathroom.

Kitchen, again.

Front hallway/entryway.

Mom, here's my new bedding! :)

We've already found a great church here in New Braunfels. It's only about 5 minutes from our house and the people are so outgoing and friendly. They've already put a lot of effort into getting to know us and have really made us feel welcome. They're very active in the community and do a lot to help those in need. Two of the elders came over Tuesday night just to visit with us and answer any questions we have and that made a big impression on us. They seem very genuine and excited that we're here, which is always nice! We haven't placed membership yet, but we probably will in the next few weeks. We're just very grateful that our prayers were answered so quickly by God. Finding a new church home was a big concern of ours, and He really pulled through for us.

There's only about 10 weeks until Joshua Daniel arrives. We're starting to realize that it's time to get ready for this little guy to come. We have NOTHING for him. A few outfits, a bassinet and a car seat is about it. So, I'm trying to get Logan to suck it up and let me go shopping for him! At least this time I pretty much know exactly what we need and won't get a lot of extra unnecessaries like I did with Carley. I'm not too worried though, Joshua will be well taken care of when he decides to join this world.

Logan is graduating this Saturday! I'm so glad this day is finally here, but not as glad as he is. It's going to be really neat to watch him walk across the stage and finally be done with college. He worked really hard and I know he'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment. While I'm really not looking forward to the 9 hour drive to Searcy, being 30 weeks pregnant and having a 15 month old in the back seat, I know it will be worth it to see him graduate. Make sure and tell him congratulations when you get the chance!

Another big event that occurred in the past few weeks is that Chelsea and Scott got married!!! They had a little ceremony at the Justice of the Peace on June 29th. We're so happy for them and glad that Scott, Emma and Sam are a part of our family. I know Averie is really excited. She loves Scott and her and Emma are best buddies. Chelsea found herself a really good guy, so it's a great blessing! They plan on having a big ceremony/celebration next June, so that will be a lot of fun.

Saying the vows.

It's official!

Happy Mom and Dad

Averie was so excited!


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